Injured by another’s Negligence?

The negligent actions or inactions of another can put you or a loved one a difficult situation. Understand, that if you or a loved one have been injured do to another’s negligence, you may be entitled for obtain for financial relief for your past, present, and future medical expenses, as well as pain and suffering, amongst other damages allowed under the law. If you wish to learn more about your rights and the types of financial relief available to ones injured as a result of another’s negligence, CALL US NOW!

Nobody wakes up and believes they will end up in car accident that day. Try as we all do to avoid auto collision, we cannot anticipate or avoid a traffic accident if somebody is negligent. Rear-end collisions happen nearly every day in the Tampa Bay Area. If you or a loved one have injured any part of the body due to being rear-ended by a negligent driver, call VIZA Law immediately. We can help you or your loved one get back to normalcy as quickly and efficiently as possible. At VIZA Law, you will be take care of. Your calls will be answered and returned immediately, so that you are kept well informed with the status of your case.

Auto Accidents are devastating, but there’s nothing like experiencing a devasting auto accident and realizing you could have done something about. Let VIZA Law do something about it.

Property owners owe certain duties to their guests. Some of these duties provide that property owners must maintain a reasonably safe environment for its patrons. If you have slipped and fallen at a business or restaurant and were injured as a result, or even been injured due to the criminal actions of another at a business, restaurant, or entertainment venue, VIZA Law can help you obtain relief for your injuries. VIZA Law can help you understand your rights, and help you get compensated for your injuries.

VIZA Law has personal injury experience. Victor Zamora Jr. has handled over dozens of personal injury cases, from auto accidents to slip and fall cases at various establishments across Florida. Victor Zamora has defended these types of cases and know how the defense works in conjunction with the insurance companies. Call VIZA Law now for a free consultation. We got the experience, confidence, and desire to help.

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